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  • Skilled, compassionate, empathetic, and solution-oriented Intuitive Healer dedicated to providing exceptional care and implementing effective coaching and guidance directives for individuals. 

  • Inherent ability to companion all levels of Life Stresses.

  • Intuitive Companion with all individuals in Grief.

  • Meditation Instruction in maintaining mindfulness.

  • A lifetime of assisting others along their journey in self-healing.

  • Advocate for Mental Health.


                            CORE COMPETENCIES                                          



  • Mystic

  • Somatic Experiencing Advanced Student

  • Trauma Recovery Counsellor

  • Grief Counselling

  • Spiritual Coaching

  • Intuitive Counselling 

  • Energy Healer

  • Meditation Instructor

  • Group Facilitator/Leader

  • Group Teaching

  • Guided Imagery

  • Life Coaching



* Student in progress - KCPC - Diploma in applied Psychology and Counselling.

* Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

* Master Class - Under Abi Blakeslee and Dave Berger - EOTN

* Somatic Experiencing - Master Class.  Under - Peter Levine, Ph.D.  

  • Awakening the Ordinary Miracle of Healing Trauma 

  • Making the Invisible Visible:

  • A Trauma Healing Journey from Hauntings to Wholeness, an Exploration of Trans-generational Trauma.  Under Peter Levine and Effu Nacki

  • Chronic Pain & Syndromes - Work with the Somatic Side of Trauma.

  • Covid, Post-ICU, and Ventilator Trauma



* Deepening your Spiritual Practice with Somatic Experiencing.  Glyndie Nickerson,

   MA, Ph.D., SEP, SE faculty

*Taking Flight International, Dr Jane Simgnton

  • ​Certified Trauma Recovery Counsellor        

  • Certified Grief Support Counsellor

  • Certified Suicide Intervention Counsellor   


* Life Coach Practitioner.  Certified Coaches Federation, Abe Brown

* Certified Meditation Instructor, Willpower Institute.  


*Compassionate Witness - Gabor Mate'


  • Mindfulness Counselling strategies.

  • Attachment Families. 

* Institute of Child Phycology

  • Childhood Trauma

  • Depression in children and teens.



  • 4 - Day Experiencial Grief Walk integrating Soul Loss.

  • Workshops on Energy, including Auras, Energy Boundaries, Energy Attachment, Clearing, and release.

  • Blue Christmas experience.

  • Facilitated workshops on the Mind, Body and Spirit Connection, integration, and healing.

  • Co Facilitated Suicide Intervention Certification Training with Dr. Jane Simington.  Several sessions.

  • Co-Facilitated Grief Certification Training with Dr. Jane Simington. Several sessions

  • Co-Facilitated Lateral Violence with Dr. Jane Simington. Several sessions

  • Co-Facilitated Trauma Recovery Training Module 1 with Dr. Jane Simington.

  • Individual, group, and family Grief Support Counsellor with 12 years of practical experience in a variety of environments and capacities.

  • Intuitive Healer with 19 years of practical experience with one on one and group settings.

  • Guided Imagery Practitioner with 18 years’ experience with the group and individual sessions.

  • Meditation Instructor, 17 years of practical experience.



  • Somatic Experiencing Sessions offered at an intermediate level.

  • Trauma Recovery Counselling and support

  • Grief Support Counselling

  • Mystic Connected Direction.  

  • Group - 2 Hr. - Grief Information Session 

  • Spiritual Coaching

  • Unraveling & Understanding Emotions Workshops.

  • Body, Mind & Spirit Card Readings.

  • Intuitive Conscious & Subconscious Exploration & Mentoring.

  • Group - 4 Hr. - Personal Spiritual Development.

  • Energetic informative workshops.

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